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Chromebox 4 - Celeron 5205u - 4 Gb

Chromebox 4 - Celeron 5205u - 4 Gb

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The u00AE Chromebox 4-GC17UN Mini PC runs Chrome OSu2122, providing users with access to many computer and smartphone applications in one device through the built-in Google Playu2122. A lockable VESAu00AE mount avails convenient mounting options, such as on the back of displays for a neat setup. This device comes with 4GB of RAM to support fast multitasking. Supported internet connectivity options include Wi-Fi 6u00AE and Ethernet. An Intelu00AE Celeronu00AE processor delivers energy-efficient computing power for a variety of work tasks and light gaming. The 32GB Mini PC comes with USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports, USB-Cu00AE3.2 Gen 1 with DisplayPort support, and HDMIu00AE ports. The HDMI and USB-Cu00AE ports can connect to up to three 4K displays. A memory card slot gives users another option to add more storage space or transfer files. Automatic software updates help protect the computer from malware and keep it running optimally.

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