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Cheshire Cat Onesie, Adult Unisex, Size: Large, Purple

Cheshire Cat Onesie, Adult Unisex, Size: Large, Purple

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The Kitty Conniver Don t let those friendly colors fool you. The Cheshire Cat is one feline that s full of fast-talking riddles and hidden schemes. When he chats with Alice, you can t tell if he s trying to help her out or if he s leading her into another strange situation. There s something oddly endearing about those wacky characters who are completely unpredictable. Are you one of those wacky, unpredictable characters? Well, then maybe you need the kind of costume that can help you embrace your inner enigma! The great news is, our costumes designers worked hard to design this Cheshire Cat costume to help you head to Wonderland in style. Design & Details Our designers happen to love the works of Lewis Carroll! It s why they ve created this Cheshire Cat costume for adults, which is a comfortable way to transform into your favorite Alice in Wonderland character. The costume is a simple, onesie-style jumpsuit that comes in the bright pink and purple colors that hint at a mysterious playfulness, characteristic of the Wonderland kitty cat. Since it s a jumpsuit, it s a single piece that zips up in front for a quick and easy outfit. The back of the jumpsuit has an attached tail, since every Cheshire Cat needs a mischievous tail! Finally, our favorite part of this costume has to be the hood. Not only does it help keep you warm and cozy, but it also has a pair of adorable kitty-cat ears on top. Just flip the hood up and your transformation into the Cheshire Cat is complete! Speaking in Riddles If you want to get in touch with your enigmatic self, or if you re just a big fan of the tales from Wonderland, then this costume is a great option for you! It ll have you speaking in riddles in no time.

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