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Chameau Removable Cushion Dog Bed - Vert Chameau

Chameau Removable Cushion Dog Bed - Vert Chameau

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This 1000 denier, scratch-resistant dog bed comes in different sizes to perfectly suit the canine companion in your life. The firm foam bed-wall provides support for the soft tweed inner and double-sided cushion, creating the perfect spot to snuggle up and relax after a long country walk. The beds Le Chameau logo means that this cosy accessory ties in with your favourite wellies by the back door. Sizes: Small (60cm), Medium (70cm), Large (80cm) and Extra Large (100cm). Please note that the cushion may appear too small when you first assemble your dog bed. This is completely normal and the cushioning fibres will soon settle as your dog uses the bed. Machine Washable The inner foam wall is completely removable via the internal zip, allowing you to easily clean the bed and double-sided cushion with convenience and no fuss. With ease, this bed can remain in perfect condition no matter how muddy or wet your dog likes to get when theyre out in the elements. Please note that our dog beds are not entirely indestructible. If the dog bed is chewed or clawed this will break down the fabric resulting in damage to your bed therefore reducing its lifespan.

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